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Cooking with Kids, Marshmallow Bread

Marshmallow Bread, a yummy recipe for kids!

As a kid, we used to make Marshmallow Bread in the oven in the winter.  It was a perfect alternative to toasted marshmallows, when we couldn’t have a campfire outside.  This is a recipe for kids that is super simple and tasty!

Ingredients for Marshmallow Bread:

This is what you will need for each piece of Marshmallow Bread you want to  make.

1 piece of your favorite kind of bread (I use whole grain to make this treat a little healthy.)

9 large marshmallows

About a tablespoon of butter

Instructions for Marshmallow Bread:

Adjust your oven rack to the second highest level.  Preheat oven to a lo-broil setting.

Have your kids butter their piece of bread.

Then, place marshmallows on top of the butter in three rows of three.

Place the Marshmallow Bread directly on the top rack of  the oven. Close the oven and turn on the light to watch the marshmallows brown.

As soon as they are browned to perfection (my oven takes about one minute), remove with a pancake turner on to a plate.

Now, take the knife used to butter the bread (and a little butter) and dab it on the top of the marshmallows.  Enjoy!

Have you ever had Marshmallow Bread?  If not, I hope you will try it and tell me what you think!

What unusual snacks does your family enjoy? Tell me about them!


  1. Jody Lipham says:

    I really love munching marshmallows specially if it is toasted on fire. ;

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